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Refund Policy

Return items within 14 days of cancellation of contract

The consumer (this applies only to natural persons who obtain goods for purposes outside their profit-making activity) has the right to inform the company (e-mail: info@zidana-marela.si) of cancellation within 14 days of receiving the goods without the need to give reason. The deadline begins one day after the date of receipt of the item ordered. The only cost charged to the consumer in connection with the cancellation of the contract is the cost of returning the goods (which in the case of shipment is charged according to the price list of the delivery service and depends on whether it is a shipment / package / cargo). The goods must be returned to the seller no later than 30 days after the notice of cancellation (purchase) has been sent.

Return by mail

We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track your shipment. Prepare the items properly for transport.

Shipping costs are always the responsibility of the sender unless otherwise agreed in advance. Returned goods with unpaid shipment are not accepted.

In the case of returning goods, you must do the following:

  • Fill out the item returns form, which is the source of all the information we need to complete your return.
  • Attach a copy of the invoice for the item you are returning.
  • Prepare the item for transport. Properly protect the item before delivery to the carrier. You must protect the item with its original packaging or packaging, which can protect the item the same as the original packaging to avoid damage during transportation. Be sure to attach the returns form and a copy of the invoice.
  • Send items to:
    Židana Marela
    Borovška cesta 89
    4280 Kranjska Gora

We will refund the money to your account as soon as possible, but not later than 14 days after your return application, but only after the items have been returned to the warehouse.

When withdrawing from a contract where a bonusdiscount code or promotional code was used, these funds are considered as a discount and will not be returned to the user. Only the amount paid shall be refunded to the transaction account of the user or other means of payment, if explicitly requested by the user.

gift voucher is considered as a means of payment upon cancellation of the contract and therefore the amount of the voucher in case of cancellation is returned to the buyer.

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